Hot white pop star dates skinny Asian dude; heads explode

It appears that Grammy-nominated singer (and white woman) Lorde has made a celebrity faux pas: dating a guy supposedly beneath her.

Marines target Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in new ad campaign

A new advertising campaign from the U.S. Marine Corps is targeting Asians and Pacific Islanders. Right now Asian Americans account for just over 2 % of Marines.

Companies try to have it both ways with racist online ads

You may have heard about the recent online Mountain Dew ad, the minute-long spot, which has been removed from Odd Future’s YouTube channel and Mountain Dew’s website, depicting a police officer goading a severely wounded white woman into picking out her attacker from a lineup of four black men and a goat. It was created by Tyler The Creator, a hip hop artist. Who's edgy.

Can an "Asian Whole Foods Market" Succeed?

The Los Angeles Times reports on a new Asian market in suburban Orange County, a store that sspires to be a "hybrid of cultures" serving wealthier second-generation Asian Americans. The goal, manager Thomas Yoon said, is to become an Asian Whole Foods Market. From the Times:

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