Companies try to have it both ways with racist online ads

You may have heard about the recent online Mountain Dew ad, the minute-long spot, which has been removed from Odd Future’s YouTube channel and Mountain Dew’s website, depicting a police officer goading a severely wounded white woman into picking out her attacker from a lineup of four black men and a goat. It was created by Tyler The Creator, a hip hop artist. Who's edgy.

Can an "Asian Whole Foods Market" Succeed?

The Los Angeles Times reports on a new Asian market in suburban Orange County, a store that sspires to be a "hybrid of cultures" serving wealthier second-generation Asian Americans. The goal, manager Thomas Yoon said, is to become an Asian Whole Foods Market. From the Times:

Asian-American perspective on college race-based quotas

By now we all know that most colleges - at least the elite private ones - weigh their admissions considerations on matters other than board scores and grades. They may say they don't, but they do. When you see phrases like "diverse student body" in the text, you can be sure that many of these schools didn't come by their diversity by accident.

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