Asian-Americans flock to Obamacare in California

From California, Obamacare (called Covered California there) is proving to be a test case for not only how different ethnic and racial groups perceive health insurance, but how they shop in general. And for marketers it shows what messages reach which groups and which messages fall flat.

New affirmative action proposal in California heats up old debate

A proposed Senate constitutional amendment in California is drawing fire from Asian Americans in that state. State Sen. Ed Hernandez is sponsoring SCA 5, which would repeal portions of Proposition 209. That proposition prohibited discrimination against people based on their unchangeable identities.

Hot white pop star dates skinny Asian dude; heads explode

It appears that Grammy-nominated singer (and white woman) Lorde has made a celebrity faux pas: dating a guy supposedly beneath her.

Marines target Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in new ad campaign

A new advertising campaign from the U.S. Marine Corps is targeting Asians and Pacific Islanders. Right now Asian Americans account for just over 2 % of Marines.

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