Yes, we're getting along, mostly: L.A. riots twenty years on

Last week we posted some reactions to the 20th anniversary of the Los Angeles riots that killed 53 people, wounded thousands and cost more than a billion dollars. It was a perfect storm of police abuse, racial hostility, economic decline and crime, including deadly traffic in crack cocaine.

Open season on Asians in political ads

First, let's agree that scapegoating is older than the nation itself. That said, in politics, these tactics don't always work (see: prop 187 and California's Democratic majority). Every election season comes up with racial dog whistles that a candidate hopes will move votes. What's new is who is being targeted.

A very white electorate has a huge impact on the GOP nomination

Tomorrow the second big race of the 2012 election will be underway, and pundits say it could be decisive in picking a GOP nominee. But they're always saying a certain race is decisive. How else will they get you to tune in? Elections are a full employment program for political journalists.

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